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Nobody knows or understands the mysteries that happen in Twin Peaks, and as Aspen, Colby Keller, Griffin Barrows, Vadim Black and Xander Brave hang out in the only bar, Noah Jones, who has been recently killed, appears before them. They are all so happy to see Noah, that they all rush up to him and start kissing him, and each other.
It is a cold night outside, but things get hot very quickly as hands go down pants as everyone starts to stroke on each other’s cocks and hands wander all over sexy young bodies.

Noah is the first one to get naked, and before you know it, all the rest follow, and all of a sudden you have fifty-three inches of rock hard cocks all standing to attention and getting sucked and stroked.

Noises of sex fill the room, and Xander gets to suck on Colby Keller’s cock as his cute ass gets rimmed and fingered. Everyone else carries on sucking cock and licking their balls that have filled up with sizzling hot cum already. These guys are hot and horny, and they will not stop until they have emptied them all over the place.

Xander is the first one to get his ass fucked, followed by Griffin, and the room is soon filled with sounds of naked flesh smacking against naked flesh. Griffin and Xander take everyone’s cocks up their ass, and as they get pounded, their asses also get smacked.

After a lot of ass play, cock sucking, and ass fucking, Noah and Aspen cum over Xander, and Coly and Vadim shoot their heavy loads over Griffin’s body and into his open mouth.

As everyone finishes and strokes their empty balls and bodies, Aspen looks around and sees that the mystery carries on as Noah Jones as disappeared once again.

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Sex Traveler Part 1 with Billy Santoro and Colby Keller

Filmed by, ‘Sex Traveler Part 1’ is the first series that was released by Super Gay Hero. This was back in August 2013, and this first episode stars Billy Santoro and Colby Keller, who are like two Gods in the porn world today.

The Stars

Billy Santoro is a six foot hairy hunk who is very popular in the porn industry today.  He has a gym built body, but thankfully, not overdone like some other men. Billy has jet black hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is versatile with a six and a half inch cut cock.

Billy has starred in 31 hardcore movies for, and he was in the ‘A Hollywood Story’ series parts 2 and part 3 where he gets stuck into a jizz orgy with Brenden Cage, Dennis West, JJ Knight and Will Braun.

Colby Keller is an international gay porn star, and he is very intelligent as well as being a male model for Vivien Westwood. He is six foot two inches tall, has a hairy body, and has brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is versatile with a juicy thick eight inch cut cock.

Colby has been in 45 movies for, and just recently, he starred in the hardcore series, Ghost of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody Part 4 alongside Jordan Levine.

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Colby Keller walks into a white room where a guy is sitting down, all in white. He sits down, and the man asks him if he knows what they do. Colby says yes, he knows that they do time travel, but he also asks about having sex in different time zones. The man gives him a book where Colby can decide for himself where he wants to go, and who with. In this episode, he decides he wants to go into the future, and he picks out Billy Santoro as the first guy he wants to have sex with.

Colby stands up, his body shakes, and he is transported into another time. As soon as he is there, so is Billy Santoro, who when he sees him, walks up to him and kisses him fully on the lips.

Colby gets straight down his knees, yanks Billy’s pants down, and starts sucking on his already hard cock. Billy moans out load into the room with sheer pleasure as Colby excites him so much, that he has to stop before he cums to soon.

Billy gets down and returns the favour by giving Colby an amazing blowjob as he gently squeezes his big balls.

Billy gets up, grabs a hold of Colby and bends him over a table. Colby now shouts out with excitement as Billy slaps his ass a few times before eating out his hole. He then stands behind Colby’s firm butt, and pushes his cock all the way in to that super tight crack, and fucks him standing up.

Sweat drips down there bodies as they fuck hard and fast. Colby then mounts billy Santoro’s cock and rides him up and down before he gets fucked in the missionary position.

Colby Keller is the first one to shoot his load as he carries on getting drilled, and Billy cums over him almost straight away.

The ‘Arrow’ was the first movie to be put out in ‘Super Gay Hero; and ‘Sex Traveler’ was the first hardcore series. Since then, ‘Super Gay Hero’ has 60 movies put up, and it is updated on a regular basis. Others movies, or porn series are: Batman V Superman, The Gaytrix, Gay Of Thrones, X-Men: A Gay XXX Parody and Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody, just to mention a few.…